A definition..

“Homosexuality is sexual orientation to the same sex. It is sexual attraction towards the person of the same sex. It is either attraction of man to another man or attraction of woman to another woman called lesbianism. So homosexuality is synonymous to gay, a word which may be applied to a man homosexual or to a woman lesbian.”

Could it be possible that people are ever attracted to what is on the inside of a person? And is it also not true that each person is made up of many traits or characteristics? I really believe each person is attracted to another for different reasons. There are so many good, kind people in the world, and in my opinion they cannot be categorized, stereotyped, or put in groups, because each person is a unique individual. Probably the best book on gay culture, straight culture or any culture has not yet been written. All I know is the most important aspect of friendship is to be a good person who is loyal. All people are trying to find their place on this world, the meaning of life, and love.


Thats it~ (Yun na~) Cheveeeerrr!!!!


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