Changes, I have to accept that you’ve changed, yes, but I have learned something about myself during the separation as well. I now sees how limited a life without fun, friends, laughter is. I maybe sweeter, more tender, less rigid. Whatever it is, I’m different. No one, including me, is going to do a total personality switch, and if you think about it, you wouldn’t want that to happen – there wouldn’t be much of anything you loved about me left. Instead, a little distance has helped me go back to being the person I once was, or should have been, before life with its endless pressure and confusions intervened. And because I’ve changed, I’ll no longer have to define you and/or our relationship negatively. Lastly, you don’t have to glare at me suspiciously whenever a sign of change comes up – just keep an eye on me for a while until I proved myself.


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