are you paris hilton or the paparazzi?


What do Paris Hilton and a paparazzi have in common? Both need/wants attention. I know, I know, makakatanggap ako ng “taas-kilay” sa sinabi ko. I have nothing against Ms. Hilton, I just don’t like what she’s doing with her life.

Ang mga Attention seekers in tagalog “Pampams”. Someone who will do whatever thing to get attention; sleep around, cry for no reason, gets angry at friends for no reason, starts arguments with friends for no reason, etc. These kind of people like to constantly test their relationship/friendships to feel wanted. Usually hideously overstated but can also be completely untrue in order for people to respond as they don’t have life/friends.

Eto ang tingin ko sa MGA nag cy-cyber bully lately na “kapansin-pansin” sa mga networking sites. It’s like traditional bullying only even more cowardly, because the bully never has to show themselves. It can be anything from general verbal bullying, insults. It may come via online networks like dating or social networking sites like facebook, friendster, myspace etc. This is an indication of a person having a fragile character, and typically a feeling of insecurity and inferiority, and in order to hide it, or make themselves feel more powerful, he/she acts out as bully.

Well FOR me, if this person wants the victim to feel or look bad, well IT’S NOT. You are the one who’s really looking bad and feeling bad for yourself. I hate to say this but I pity these kinds of people. Just don’t give them a reaction. That’s what they want, ATTENTION.

“A cat wants attention. Imagine what could happen if the cat didn’t get attention. They might… paw at you!”

Yun na~


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