santos ako, pero di ako santo

I’m starting to understand the ‘forces’. Kasi for me ayaw ko ng ako yung mag-aadjust for a specific person, if you want to be my friend ikaw ang mag adjust for me. Sad but true. Sorry~ šŸ™‚

Have you ever wonder why it is difficult to be good at all times? Di dahil bakla ako eh “kailangan” kong maging mabuting tao..

I am no saint, and I never claimed to be “mabait” (kind), and I definitely hate it when people think that I can always understand why people behave in a certain manner.
I am just human, and being so, sets limits to the depths of my understanding and patience. I have been called names and accused of so many things because I have chosen not to take part in a petty squabble between them.

But then again, I can be very bitchy if i wanted to. Lalo na if I know I’m right, and if someone pisses me off.

Just want you to know that these are my thoughts, you may agree or disagree but please. Please don’t ever condemn me of what I think.

Yun lang~


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